Fun facebook free for all

Friday, March 25th, 2011 | By: Paula Goble

Paula Goble Photography studio has a fun and exciting event coming on April 9, 2011.? Here at the studio we have been buzzing with fresh, new ideas ever since we got back from the SPA (Senior Portrait Artist) event in?California, ?And since we love you just the way you are we want to have?an open?day for a free mini photo shoot. We want you to help show these ideas off.? So here’s the catch. There isn’t one. Everybody that calls and comes in to spend an hour or so with us get’s a hot new facebook image. Did I mention for FREE. Our hope is to have fun, get to know you and create an amazing image for you. So come as you are, bring that one of a kind attitude that makes you the person that’s you. Come show us what you got and let us take it to the next level of creativity.