This Wildcat Digs Coal!

Monday, October 08th, 2012 | By: Paula Goble

Being a photographer for 30 years, I always get asked to photograph all sorts of people, places, or things. ?Today was no exception when I got to visit an actual deep mine. ?It is no surprise ?I am passionate about COAL!

When my friend suggested a photo shoot at a deep mine, we knew right away that we wanted a “little dig” at Ashley Judd because “We” support the miners and their families. ?As I entered the mine site a feeling of humbleness came across me. ? A flood of vintage photographs flashed through my head. ? The face of a man with a hard hat sitting side ways on his head, ?Black Dust covering his face. ? This is a beautiful site to me!??To have the opportunity to see a coal mine up close and personal really hits home for this “Friend of Coal”. ?When you think of all the blood, sweat and tears that these hills hold; its like you are walking on sacred grown. ? All these men ?have ever wanted to do is work and provide for their families.

I have so much respect for the hard work that these men have given to afford us the luxuries to enjoy (electricity). ?I think we have taken these privileges?for granted for way to long. ?We have not given enough credit where it was due. ?We Dig Coal. ?Get over it. This is our way of life. If you don’t like coal then don’t use it.~



Friend of Coal~~~ always!